Pendants by Gemstone

Gemstones have their special dazzle and glamour and they render irresistible beauty to the pendants. The gemstone encrusted pendants not only display colors but also are classy and sophisticated.

Garnet Pendants

Did you know that your favorite red hued pendants can be pocket friendly? Yes, you read it correct. Presenting the attractive and comfortable garnet pendants which are exclusively designed keeping the latest trends and peopleís choice in mind. Explore our collection and find your dream pendant taking the shape of reality.

Aquamarine Pendants

The refreshing and soothing blue color of the seas and the oceans come your way in the form of our aquamarine pendants. Wear the blue hued pendant and let it hang close to your heart flaunting its rejuvenating beauty.

Diamond Pendants

The dazzle of the twinkling stars has come down to the earth and they sparkle amazingly in the form of our diamond pendants. Symbol of purity and innocence, these pendants will add charm to your personality. They make a perfect gift as well and presenting it to your beloved will never fail to allure her heart.

Emerald Pendants

The symbol of love and luck, emerald has been loved since the very ancient times. Its mystical powers are believed to bestow prosperity on the wearer. How about wearing this lucky gemstone in your stylish and classy pendants? Indeed, it is a wonderful thought and keeping this in mind, we have brought forth this collection of lustrous emerald pendants.

Ruby Pendants

No gemstone can beat the glamour of the fiery red rubies. They give the desired beauty to the jewelry and add a touch of sophistication to the personality. Our latest collection of the ruby pendants will leave you stunned as the irresistibly beautiful designs will move your heart in no time.

Blue Sapphire Pendants

The royal blue color of the sapphire displays bewitching beauty and has been the heart throb of women since the ancient times. We bring the most amazingly designed blue sapphire pendants that women of all age groups will love unanimously.

Pink Sapphire Pendants

The color of love and romance is well exhibited in the pink sapphire gemstone. It looks classy and sophisticated when studded to any piece of jewelry. If you like the pink sapphire pendants, then our collection for the same is worth exploring. We are sure that your search for a perfect pink sapphire pendant will find a beautiful end here.

Pendants by Styles

When God has created every individual with uniqueness then how can the jewelry they wear be similar? Keeping this thought in mind, our designers have brought forth stylish pendants. Each pendant has its unique design and style. Explore the collection to find the one which best matches your personality.

Solitaire Pendants

A classic and timeless choice, a solitaire gemstone pendant has a simple setting to allow the radiance and beauty of the gemstone to take center stage. Often set in traditional four prongs, they can also be found bezel set. Many times a solitaire gemstone set in intimate metal work also makes an impressive and contemporary solitaire pendant to punctuate any casual or formal outfit.

Religious Pendants

A Christian cross or a Celtic knot, religious pendants are one of the most popular jewelry cherished by masses. They may be solely crafted in precious metal or may have studded with precious and semi precious gemstones for added beauty.

Charm Pendants

With a huge fan following, charm pendants are a must-have accessory for any collection. An aquamarine studded dolphin charm, a four-leaf clover charm or a circle charm, any charm pendant offer numerous ways to accentuate your looks.

Journey Pendants

These are a popular style of pendants to mark the journey of lifetime. Whether itís a relationship or a milestone journey of your success, journey pendants are used to symbolize the voyage from beginning to end. They often design in linear or spiral patterns with stones set in graduation.

So, what are you waiting for it is time to shop for exquisite and elegant pendants at a price that is a STEAL.